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          EV Solutions for Utilities & Community Choice Aggregation Providers

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          Intelligent & affordable EVSE flexibility for all

          With the rapid adoption of electric cars, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, and Community Choice Aggregation providers (CCA) are facing greater challenges to ensure a reliable, balanced and clean electric grid for all energy users. Our quicker charging solutions aggregate and manage EV load to maintain grid reliability while avoiding the use of expensive peaker plants and infrastructure upgrades.

          As the only EVSE provider participating in wholesale energy markets, we offer all utilities a complete line of interoperable, hardware agnostic, OCPP compliant, smart grid electrical vehicle charging solutions.

          New Report: EV Time-Varying Rates That Work

          Nearly 3,000 JuiceNet users in the U.S. provided insights on EV TOU rates and their charging behavior.

          JuiceNet utility edition

          Our JuiceNet Utility Edition software can delay or reduce EV charging rate across a portfolio of EV chargers, based on utility and grid operator signals, while prioritizing individual driver requirements and preferences, as well as compensating drivers for their flexibility.

          JuiceNet Utility Edition provides robust energy service features to optimize residential and commercial EV load management including:

          • Time-of-Use (TOU) Rate Implementation
          • Persistent Data Storage Upon Power Interruption
          • 15-minute Interval Metering Data
          • Real-time Telemetry
          • Real-time Control
          • Demand Response Event Management
          • Wholesale Market Integration (Day Ahead & Real Time)
          • Local Distribution System Management Services
          • Event and Time-of-Use Override History
          • Over-the-Air Server & Firmware Updates
          • Graphical Interface or API Enabled
          • JuiceNet Green *
          • * in select regions

          Stay up to date on utility smart EV charging news to inform your EV strategy. Sign up for our monthly Enel X e-Mobility newsletter tailored for utilities.

          Powerful utility dashboard

          Demand Response View historical demand response events and schedule new ones.

          Utility Programs Create, view, search, modify and remove utility programs.

          Energy Groups Create, view and edit Energy Groups.

          Usage Data Usage data for a group of charging stations can be viewed in a heatmap or downloaded in a CSV file.

          Statistics Track Time of Use (TOU) and DR event override statistics for individual stations and groups.

          Program Design Custom Design energy service programs to meet your needs.

          Accelerating EV adoption alongside partners

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          Utility Case Studies

          With volatile oil prices and predictable electricity rates, public and private fleet operators are considering the compelling value-prop of going electric to reduce their fleet’s total cost of ownership. Enel X is teaming up with utilities and Fortune 500 companies alike to make fleet electrification goals a reality.
          Download Case Study
          Hawaii was the first state to commit to reach 100% renewable energy by 2045. To support EV adoption and help Hawaii achieve its 100% renewable goal, Hawaiian Electric, the state’s largest electric utility, partnered Enel X and Elemental Excelerator to launch Smart Charge Hawaii, which provided customer engagement, EV charging infrastructure and grid services.
          Download Case Study
          Sonoma Clean Power is a community choice energy provider in California with ~230,000 accounts, and needed a smart EV charging solution that could help “shape” demand by utilizing excess energy during peak renewable generation or reducing demand during low points. Since launching our partnership with SCP in 2016, Enel X has deployed 3,500+ JuiceNet-enabled smart chargers.
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