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          JuiceNet Enterprise

          EVSE asset management software for commercial EV charging stations

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          Maximize your EV charging investment

          Our EV charging asset management software is a cloud-based platform for control and optimization of EV charging.

          It is used by EV manufacturers, EVSE OEMs, utilities, and other commercial energy partners (e.g. solar, storage, and building energy management solutions) to maximize returns on EV investments.

          Reduce energy costs by controlling charging times and managing demand charges
          Generate new revenue from your charging stations
          Monitor and control your system with a powerful online dashboard
          Provide authorized drivers an easy way to charge
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          Smart commercial EV charging for all

          Public & private fleets

          Delivery vehicles, ride-sharing, rental cars & more


          Government, universities & hospitals


          Workplaces, parking garages, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels & resorts

          Multi-family residences

          Apartments & condominiums

          A powerful and affordable smart charging solution

          Control Station Access

          Set charging times and allow authorized users to access charging

          Save on charging expenses & generate revenue

          Cap overall electricity consumption, manage demand charges, and collect payment

          See system health

          Powerful dashboard and robust reporting let you monitor charger and driver activity

          Make charging easy

          Simple app for drivers to control and monitor their charging

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          Scaling up EV charging for commercial operations

          ”With JuiceNet Enterprise we are offering fleet customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ of purpose-built electric trucks as well as energy services, without them having to worry about peak power usage or energy load management.”Want to learn more?

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          Why EV load balancing matters

          With JuiceNet Enterprise, optimize and future proof your EV charging investment. Use load balancing to expand your EV charging operations without expensive energy infrastructure upgrades. By reducing and capping your total EV charging load, you can build out your EVSE offering and stay within your budget.

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          Cloud software license offers:

          Multi-user authentication

          Configure your EVSE fleet for usage only by permitted users and for charging only at specified times.

          Billing and metering data

          Track energy usage and view your charging history and extract accurate energy data.

          Multi-tiered load balancing

          De-rate specific stations or groups such that your electrical infrastructure today supports your EV charging needs of tomorrow.

          • Charging Access Control

            Manage charging access, set load groups and access historical charging data.
          • Future proof your site

            Intelligent load balancing ensures that your electrical infrastructure today supports your EV charging needs of tomorrow. Add more stations as EV growth accelerates.
          • Power & Convenience

            Offer your tenants, employees and guests powerful Level II charging and the industry’s best user experience.
          • Cost Savings

            Keep your energy costs in check by minimizing unwanted demand peaks and reducing utility demand charges.
          • Optimize your site, not just your EVSE

            EV charging load can be significant. Ensure it’s coordinated with your onsite generation and energy management systems. Don’t let a cloudy PV day destroy your energy budget.
          • Don’t Pay. Get Paid!

            JuiceNet smart-grid EV charging enables energy market participation in which utilities and grid operators pay you for charging at the right time.