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          Media Features

          Stay up to date on all Enel X e-mobility news

          InsideEVs are convinced the future of EV charging will include large-scale Demand Response programs within every utility in the US. Demand Response provides an opportunity for electric vehicle owners to reduce the stress on the electric grid by...

          Charged recently spoke with Giovanni Bertolino, Head of E-Mobility at Enel X, about the turnkey transit bus electrification. Enel X is involved in several different sectors of the clean energy ecosystem, and it offers a broad range of solutions to...

          Enel X was among the providers who shifted their typical operating schedules to maximize effectiveness through 9 p.m. to match the state’s “net peak,” or total grid demand minus wind and solar to help California fight power outages....

          Episode 33 of the Redefining Energy podcast features Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. Francesco describes the switch from a Commodity-based model to a Service-based model and how ENEL X is shaping, at breakneck pace, the Utility of...

          Buckeye IT Services President Jake Schaaf has expanded the business to offer the installation of these chargers at public spaces, businesses and private residences. "The chargers that we're putting in are the Juice Box, manufactured by Enel X. And...

          Demand response at businesses, battery storage and smart electric-vehicle charging played important parts in helping to limit the recent blackouts to only two days, according to Surya Panditi, president and CEO of Enel X North America Inc., an...

          We all know how frustrating it might be to find correct pins, prongs, and plugs for the EVs when we are traveling. Magnificent modern technology has to overcome all the hassle of the compatible parts before the customers get to enjoy it. However,...

          GreenBiz has recently featured an article about the vicious cycle: as we cool ourselves, we heat our planet. Climate change makes summers hot, so people use their air conditioners more, which leads to more heat-trapping emissions in the...