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          Join us at our upcoming events to hear from our executives and get a chance to meet the team

          Elise Benoit, Vice President, Marketing of Enel X will speak on Enabling A Zero-Carbon Future With Smart Charging at IDTechEx Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Conference on November 21st. Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing, held in Santa Clara, will reveal the latest advances and newest roadmaps in this radically changing industry.

          November 20-21, 2019Santa Clara, CA
          Karen Hsu, Senior Director of Business Development, Utilities will speak on The Grid, Energy Storage, and Integration Solutions at EVS Whistler on Wednesday, November 20th. As we approach a crucial turning point for the future of transport and electrification, EVS Whistler presents a global forum for leaders in energy innovation and transport electrification as well as policymakers and regulators that make the decisions surrounding government participation in EVs and sustainability.

          November 19-22, 2019Whistler, Canada
          Elise Benoit, Vice President, Marketing of Enel X spoke on CA Parking: Maximizing your EV Infrastructure Investment at the CA Parking Association Annual Conference & Trade Show this October. The Annual CPPA Conference & Trade Show aims to advance the public parking profession by providing a forum for its members to interact, exchange ideas and information, and to provide technical and legislative support.

          November 17-19, 2019San Diego, CA
          Elise Benoit, Vice President, Marketing of Enel X spoke on Smart Charging Programs at Uplight’s Customer 2030 Conference this October. Customer 2030 brings together content experts across the industry to discuss topics including Transportation Electrification, Emerging Rate Designs and Rollout, and Grid Optimization.

          October 22-24, 2019Denver, CO
          Preston Roper, Enel X General Manager NA, spoke on Electric Vehicles as Tomorrow's Grid Resources at Greenbiz VERGE 19 Conference this October in Oakland, CA. At VERGE 19, more than 3,000 leaders — from the private and public sectors, utilities, solution providers, NGOs, and startups — came together to explore scalable, cross-cutting solutions and to advance the most dynamic and influential markets driving a sustainable future.

          October 21-24, 2019Oakland, CA
          Karen Hsu, Senior Director of Business Development, Utilities spoke on Next-Gen Storage and the Role of EV charging in Demand Response at the 6th Annual Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resources World Forum this October. The Annual Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resources World Forum brings together stakeholders from across the DR / DER industry and internationally to examine the latest technology advances, case studies, and business strategies for optimizing demand response, energy efficiency, DER integration and control, and demand-side management programs.

          October 16-17, 2019San Diego, CA
          Elise Benoit, Vice President, Marketing of Enel X spoke on the technology innovation panel at Deloitte Renewable Energy Seminar this October. Leaders of the renewable energy industry gathered at this event to share and discuss current issues and opportunities in green energy sector.

          October 2-4, 2019Dallas, TX
          Join us Saturday, July 13 at the Formula E Championship in New York City. Formula E is a class of motorsport that uses only electric cars, and the series is in its fifth season. Sanctioned by the FIA, Formula E will have eleven teams with two drivers each that compete.

          July 13, 2019New York City