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          JuicePedestal is an all-purpose commercial EV charging station for your employees, customers, and tenants. JuicePedestal offers flexible charging port configurations and multiple payment options to fit your business' evolving EV infrastructure needs. Designed for all-weather conditions, JuicePedestal is the perfect solution for parking operators, fleet managers, retailers, office buildings and apartment complexes.
          Order JuicePedestal with one or two UL Listed JuiceBox? Pro units, which are compatible with all electric vehicles.
          Offer free or paid charging with flexible user authentication and payment options
          Optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and reducing demand charges
          Enhance customer and employee satisfaction while reaching sustainability goals
          Increase property value
          Save on your EVSE investment with high value charging stations
          Participate in smart grid programs for additional savings

          Contact the Enel X commercial sales team today.

          Provide flexible and affordable smart EV charging with JuicePedestal

          Easy Cable Management

          Keep charging stations organized with optional retractable cords

          Versatile Power Options

          Choose between 32A, 40A, 48A, and 80A JuiceBox Pro charging stations

          Industrial Design

          Rugged design withstands all weather conditions

          Universal Compatibility

          SAE-J1772? compliance ensures compatibility with all EVs*

          * Tesla requires adapter

          Interested in partnering with us?

          Why install smart charging stations for commercial businesses?


          Dumb Charger

          Smart Charger


          WiFi Connection Prerequisite for all smart features
          Driver App Better driver experience: find a charging station, review charging status, receive notifications through intuitive mobile app
          Administrator Dashboard EVSE asset management and optimization
          Track Consumption Lower Opex
          Track Costs Lower Opex
          Load Balancing Lower Opex and Capex
          Installation Incentives Lower Capex
          Energy Services Lower Opex and Capex

          Drive your business forward with Enel X

          Kraft Sports + Entertainment, the sports, entertainment and event management division of the Kraft Group featuring the New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Boston Uprising, Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place, has an exclusive energy partnership with Enel North America to power the New England Patriots season with clean energy and has installed 50 JuiceBox Pro electric vehicle smart charging stations at Patriot Place. 100% of Gillette stadium’s EV infrastructure project was covered by National Grid’s EVSE program. See how utility EVSE incentives can help you bring EV infrastructure to your site for little to no cost.

          Charge Smarter

          Choose between four power levels: 32A, 40A, 48A and 80A

          Driver and Administrator JuiceNet app and web-based smart charging platform

          LED indicators for power, connectivity, charging status

          20 foot cables with optional retractable cable management system

          Choose to include one or two JuiceBox charging stations on your JuicePedestal

          Durable, water and fire-resistant construction

          UL and cUL Listed

          3-year limited warranty

          Made in the USA

          Power up your business with JuicePedestal

          With flexible power options, enhanced cable management and app-based user authentication, JuicePedestal is the perfect EV charging solution for any workplace. Affordably priced to allow all businesses to join the e-mobility revolution, JuicePedestal includes flexible charging port configurations and multiple payment options to offer user-friendly charging to employees or guests.

          JuiceNet Enterprise: Robust Site Management Features

          EVSE Asset Management
          Configure and tailor user groups, access and payment options for your EVSE asset portfolio.
          Energy Cost Optimization
          Reduce operating costs by controlling and capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.
          Robust Admin Dashboard
          Access historical charging activity and monitor your portfolio of EV chargers in real-time.
          Detailed Reports
          Charging data available for billing and monitoring purposes. Export reports in PDF, CSV, XLSX.

          Learn more about our JuiceNet Enterprise smart EV charging platform.

          Why Enel X?

          We help cities, utilities, automakers, EVSE suppliers and commercial businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure affords.

          Enel X

          The Enel Group



          $84 billion


          Charging stations sold
          Business customers at more than 10,000 sites
          Annual Revenue

          Contact the Enel X commercial sales team today.