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          JuiceBox Marketplace

          Bringing smart charging to residents across your service territory

          A Marketplace for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

          Utility marketplaces or web stores are gaining traction across the North American market. Navigant Research forecasts that global utility online energy marketplace revenue will grow from just over $118 million in 2020 to $468 million by 2029. At Enel X, we offer utilities, cooperatives, CCAs and generation and transmission customers a complete line of interoperable, hardware agnostic, OCPP compliant, smart grid electric vehicle charging solutions. We have been selling our flagship product, the JuiceBox smart charging station, online across e-channels for years, including our own e-stores. We can tailor a smart charging program to meet your unique EVSE goals from the point of sale onward.

          JuiceBox Marketplace Delivers Benefits to Consumers & Utilities Alike

          Utilities are using the online marketplace to provide added value and generate customer loyalty. By offering an end-to-end customer experience from the point of sale to ongoing smart charging program engagement, utilities are able to increase customer satisfaction.

          Tailored co-marketing campaigns with special offers and instant rebates
          Easy customer purchase process & account authentication
          Free shipping across the continental U.S.
          Trusted and vetted installation services
          Expedited smart charging program enrollment

          By having point-of-purchase data, we can benchmark EV adoption efforts, improve the customer rebate process, offer timely installation and activation, and provide customer support across programs. Our goal with JuiceBox Marketplce is to help utilities optimize their smart charging programs with a cost-effective go-to-market plan and EVSE-specific sales channel.

          Make buying JuiceBox and enrolling in a smart charging program easy.

          ”As part of the Smart Charge Hawaii Program, with support from Hawaiian Electric and Elemental Excelerator, Enel X was able to deploy 300 JuiceBox smart charging stations in just four months to residents across Hawaii. The customer marketing, instant rebate and program enrollment were rolled up into one seamless process.”
          — Aki Marceau, Director, Electrification of Transportation

          Why Enel X?

          Enel X is a division of Enel, a global electric utility and one of the leading producers of renewable energy. We help businesses, cities, energy providers, and automakers deploy smart EV charging solutions and reach their sustainability goals.

          Enel X

          The Enel Group



          $84 billion


          Charging stations sold
          Business customers at more than 10,000 sites
          Annual revenue

          Contact the Enel X e-Mobility utility sales team to learn more.